Hi, I'm Adam.
I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Jupiter, Florida, when I was three years old. In Jupiter, I grew up with significant exposure to the beach and ocean and developed a love for watersports and the outdoors. I enjoy staying active in my free time, whether long-distance running, weight lifting, or breaking personal records on my family’s Peolon bike. Additionally, I am a self-taught aerial videographer.  I believe drones are a powerful and effective medium to capture life's unique points of view.  In my experience, aerial shots are highly effective at grabbing online attention and creating compelling, impactful content that stands out. Over the years, I have enjoyed constructing an online presence and developing a portfolio of drone work to publish. In addition, I've recently begun building and flying FPV (First Person View) racing drones as a hobby I hope to continue.
Now at LMU, I have taken an active campus role by joining several organizations. For example, I am The interim director of visual strategy at our student-run newspaper, the Loyolan, and I am the social media chair of the delta psi chapter of lambda chi alpha.
Before attending LMU, I received significant exposure to filmmaking through my academic studies, as I majored in COMMUNICATION ARTS at BAK MSOA AND A.W. DREYFOOS SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. Specifically,  I wrote for my school’s news magazine, The Muse, where I strengthened my storytelling ability through words and appreciated the importance of telling complete stories from multiple viewpoints. I had the privilege of enrolling in film, design, and debate courses to build a foundational interest in production and ensure I wanted to study film further in college. 
As I have grown older, I have been challenged repeatedly to leave behind my old comforts. At ten years old, I attended an all-boys outdoor overnight camp in northern Minnesota for several summers.  By flying out on my own and making friends with strangers around the country, I developed the confidence and determination to abandon the comforts of home for the promise of a new adventure. That one summer was followed by five more, each advancing new challenges as we traveled abroad throughout the northern and western US, living in tents and cooking our food. TODAY, I PRODUCE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FOR CAMP THUNDERBIRD TO MARKET THESE EXPERIENCE TO OTHERS THROUGH A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE. 
Similarly,  IN HIGH SCHOOL, I spent my summers participating in film programs, such as the advanced filmmaking course at the School of Creative and Performing Arts in New York City. 
To me, personal and creative growth is rooted in maintaining an open mind and listening to others while finding my own distinct vision and developing my own creative style.  I have found that becoming a more serious filmmaker is driven by long-term passion and a quest for new ideas.